Monday, 3 October 2016

Venice, Sun, Sea and Ice cream.
Venetian Gondola 
My trip to Venice is one I will never forget. Arriving in Venice, the beautiful scenery hits your eyes as soon as you jump onto a river taxi and set sail for the city. The bright blue sea sparkled with the Italian sun reflecting off the waves made by the variety of boats nipping through the canals. Sitting in Venice you can admire its beauty, especially when eating the ice cream which confirms you’re in paradise.  
Ice cream and Orange juice 

Grand Gondola’s
Gondola's all in a row
A Gondola ride in Venice is a must. Touring the city and learning its history from a local is an eye opening experience. Whilst on my tour, the gondolier driving the boat informed us of the time during his childhood that the canal water had risen so high that his school was closed for two weeks. He recalled the memory with such happiness, it made the journey more personal as well as enjoyable. Seeing Casanova’s house, the Italian most known for his elaborate affairs and escape from the prison that resides by the Doge’s palace, was fantastic.

On the gondola
Doge’s palace
Gold, marble, paintings and armour, the Doge’s palace is covered in finery. The Doge was the senior most elected official of Venice during its republic. Despite appearing as a powerful person, the Doge had no authority over the decisions and acts made by the courts of Venice. The History surrounding the politics of Venice is incredible. The Merchants history too is incredible, highlighting the flux of successful trade resulting in incredible statues from Constantinople, modern day Istanbul, as well as paintings that surround Venice today.

I loved walking around the palace, the high ceilings and life size figures in the paintings that cover the walls make you feel like a doll in a palace.

Doge Palace

Doge Palace

Prison in Paradise
The prison in Venice is situated in the Doge’s palace. Walking through the prison you feel the dark history surrounding it. Concrete walls, cells you can imagine being crowded, and little light, the prison had a feeling of death everywhere. The prison is a true contrast to the palace laying on the opposite side of the canal. Both buildings are connected by the Bridge of Sighs, named because men would sigh on the way to the prison as that moment would be the last time they saw the sun.
Prison in the Doge's palace
A deluxe cell in the prison
Roof top view

Dinner with a view
Sitting at the roof top restaurant in Venice, as the sun sets can make you forget all your worries. Watching the sun go down over the sea with good food and wonderful company, I was in my ideal paradise for a few hours. Watching the boats come in and out of the bay, watching the cruise ships leave packed with people, the evenings in Venice are like no other. The city is filled with music, wine and laughter.  Surrounding St Marks’ square are bars filled with bands playing all manner of songs using pianos, harps, clarinets, and singers. They all take requests, mine being Skyfall by Adele which they played beautifully.

Roof top dinner 

View from St Mark's Campanile
The view from the hotel
A caricature of myself and my boyfriend

View from the Bridge Sighs

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